Not Mad is an online publication that exhibits, reviews and discusses art, music, film, culture, social change, personal narrative, microfiction and poetry through the eyes of social media savvy almost adults — we strive to foster a supportive and rich space for young artists, musicians, thinkers and creators to express what they are most passionate about. At this age, trends don’t just exist around us; they shape us into who we are and the way we think. Social media and technological advancements have enhanced our knowledge and understanding of popular culture, and while this hyper awareness is stimulating, it’s often overwhelming. Not Mad hopes to dissect these movements in pop culture and social structure, publicizing personal and humorous work that unpacks what it means to live in 2016 through a curious and naive perspective. We’re young, we’re engaged and we love to share.

Los Angeles-natives and best friends since the 7th grade, Rio Viera-Newton and Jackson Howard, graduates of Bard College and the University of Michigan, respectively, co-founded Not Mad together in 2014. Their influences include Missy Elliott, the Maury Show, Brett Easton Ellis, Morrissey, CiCi the Mamacita from 93.5 KDAY and T-Pain’s hat. They live in New York City.


Photo by Dan Regan

Jackson (Editor-in-Chief): jackson@notmad.us

Rio (Creative Director-at-Large): rio@notmad.us

Leo Abbe (Contributing Editor/Writing Section Editor): leo@notmad.us

Are you a young(ish) person doing art or with something to say and interested in contributing to Not Mad? Hit one of us up with questions, pitches or drafts. We’re really nice and promise we’ll reply. 


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