Poetry, Writing

the kids wonder where their mother is

By Rishee Batra

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one time, she took us to Sedona,

Arizona, to climb a mountain

and find a vortex. she stood with her

arms like Christ and walked with

tightrope toes straight into the Source.

she claims she was cursed by

a burst of energy in Sedona, Arizona—

as when that red car ran that red

light, and she had needles in her

back for years. or when her husband’s blood

turned violet, and she commissioned

crystals to take on cancer. sometimes,

she goes wandering in search of something

to cure her curse. so we become

sleuths, we look to the moon for

clues. we search the forest, climb

every empty tree. her sister says,

dutifully, I’m not supposed to say.

her psychic only speaks for a fee.

her husband sits glumly in the kitchen,

midway through a can of beans.

Rishee Batra spends much of his time writing. Other activities include gazing, meandering, and slumbering.