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Blow Some Dro With Not Mad's 4/20 Playlist

By Not Mad

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We here at Not Mad love weed, and there is no day louder than April 20th. Our dispensary in L.A. texted us saying they had a live Boa in store. If we were home, we’d go. Anyways, the best thing to go alongside a fat ass blunt (besides Taco Bell, charcuterie plates, dumplings, birthday cake and Hot Cheetos) is some weed-centric music.

Yeah, we know it’s kinda basic to make a 4/20 playlist but it was too fun not to, and it was also convenient because we both were seeking a cohesive list for, uh, personal use that featured some of our favorite songs about weed/songs over the years we’ve smoked a lot of weed to. We have a wide-spanning mix of hip-hop shit by A Tribe Called Quest, Future, Foxy Brown, Gucci Mane, and, of course, Snoop Dogg; some classic dancehall and reggae by Super Cat and and Damian Marley; a little soul from Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and Sade; some newer bangers by NAO, Anderson .Paak, Archy Marshall and Rihanna; a sprinkle of turn-down with Flying Lotus, Rodríguez and The Internet and, last but not least, “Mary Jane” by Rick James.

So sit down in that La-Z Boy recliner, dig in to some frosted circus cookies or some other gross high shit, get baked as hell and pop on our bizarre and very necessary 4/20 playlist; we know it’s a little all over the place but trust us, it’ll make sense when you’re stoned.