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The First Annual Not Mad Big List of Shit

By Not Mad

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2014 was nuts for a lot of reasons, but because we’ve been busy as all hell studying, crying, trifling and nearly dying in India this year, we haven’t had a lot of time to recap. So instead of putting together some fancy, well-intentioned list of our favorite stuff for you guys, we just looked back through our text messages, soundcloud favorites and 2 a.m. facebook chats to bring you the First Annual Not Mad Big List of Shit from 2014 (in no understandable order.)


(Fuck Ethan Mark)

T-Pain’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert 

Remember when T Pain first surfaced in the mid 2000’s and people just assumed his voice was garbage because of his use of auto tune? Oops. – RVN

Move That Dope” – Future feat. Pusha T & Pharrell

Mike Will Made It whipped Salt-n-Peppa’s “Push It” into a dope-dealing anthem with the hardest knocking beat of the year and somehow convinced Pharrell to rap about some very un-“Happy” things. – JH

“Chi-raq” – Nicki Minaj & Lil Herb

Before she went all “Pills n Potions” on us, Nicki was dropping some serious rap shit for a hot minute, including this gnarly-ass banger with Lil Herb that had Nicki sounding like some type of femme fetale hood assassin over a beat that still kind of gives me nightmares. – JH


J.K. Simmons is fucking insane, there’s crazy bebop flying everywhere and the movie is more or less flawless. – JH

True Detective

Another gift from HBO that allowed Matthew McConaughey to escape his romantic comedy prison and taught us the name of that guy that’s in Hunger Games (too honest?) -RVN

Diddy punching Drake in Miami

Diddy said “fuck being on some chill shit” that night when he sent Drizzy to the E.R. over the “0 to 100” beat. – RVN

LP1 – FKA Twigs

There’s already been too much said on this incredibly sexy album by this incredibly sexy woman (good shit Robert Pattinson) so all I’ll say is that this album is only appropriate after the sun has set and probably not in your parents’ home. – JH

Black Messiah – D’Angelo

Considering I almost had a brain aneurism when this shit dropped — Voodoo is my Bible and D is a musical genius on par with Prince and Hendrix for me — I’ve recovered enough to say that this album is a timeless masterpiece that gets better every time I listen to it. – JH

“No Small Talk” – Kari Faux

Kari Faux, one of our favorite up and coming female MCs, put herself on the map this year with this ringtone infused track.  Accompanied by a candy coated, tech savvy music video, Faux makes us all bounce like spalding  (including Childish Gambino who was quick to jump on a remix). – RVN

My Krazy Life – YG

The Mustard-infused album is golden from start to finish, providing a window into the streets of Compton and life and mind of the Blood affiliated West Coast rapper. We had originally attempted to pick just a single to put up on the list, but debated over which song was the best for  20 minutes before deciding the whole album needed to be up here. – RVN

“Don’t Tell Nobody” – Tink feat. Jeremih

Tink got trifled on and she’s here to talk about it.The Chicago based rapper articulates the love/hate relationship every girl has with the one guy that managed to get to them. With Jeremih laying down the chorus, the duo piece together one of hip hop’s best heart break anthems of this year. -RVN

Inherent Vice

Okay I will admit that I didn’t have a clue to what the FUCK was going on for about an hour and a half of this P.T. Anderson clusterfuck (per usual) but nonetheless it’s brilliant and has heroin trafficking and neo-Nazi’s and Katherine Waterson naked and Joaquin Phoenix just being his weird-ass self so watch this shit but don’t plan on knowing what happened for about three days. – JH

Wonder Where We Land – SBTRKT

Put this shit on and just vibe out and make sure your speakers can withstand some force because SBTRKT is done playing. – JH

The video for “Big Homie” by Puff Daddy

I always ponder whether or not Diddy is playfully ignorant/self-aware of said ignorance or actually the complete opposite. His role in Get Him to the Greek and various over-the-top Instagram posts started to convince me of the former, but then he dropped the video for “Big Homie” under his old name Puff Daddy and we were back at square one. Basically Puffy decided to harken back to his 90s Bad Boy days and made a seriously ignant song (“You’s a little nigga/Gary Coleman” says the chorus) with an equally ignant video which shows Diddy going everywhere and knowing everyone, from the A$AP Mob to 2 Chainz to Nelly to Rick Ross to Ashanti to Snoop and probably a bunch of people I missed. This is some Chappelle level Puff Daddy shit, some toothpick-and-mink coat Puff Daddy. Oh and by the way Rick Ross looks really cozy in his fur coat. – JH

“Yasss Bish!!” – Nicki Minaj feat. Soulja Boy

The first time I heard this song I immediately called Jackson. As two Soulja Boy advocates, we were more than ecstatic to hear his collaboration, both as a producer and as a rapper, with goddess Nicki Minaj. Also, I almost blew out my speakers listening to this last week. -RVN

Lost in the Dream – The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs have always kind of been there, but they really rose to the occasion with this album, with its sprawling songs and intricate lyricism that displayed a newfound depth and creativity. And the video for “Red Eyes” is one my favorites of the year. – JH

“About the Money” – T.I. feat. Young Thug

T.I. has always been good at adapting to stay relevant, but I can’t say that I saw this collaboration with star-of-the-moment Young Thug going this well. The track draws a perfect line between old school, OutKast-tinged Southern twang and new, Young Thug-coated silliness to create an absolute banger. – JH

Justin Bieber’s court disposition (“I Can’t Recall”) 

What does it say about me that I only started understanding Bieber fever after I saw this video of him being a total dickhead in his deposition tape? – RVN

“Fight Night” – Migos

I fell in love with Fight Night the very first time I heard Stack Boy Twan bring that beat back. I heard this song at a hip hop club in Tokyo and accidentally elbowed a bottle service girl in the face. -RVN

RTJ2 – Run the Jewels

Eaghan Davis, who wrote a killer article about Run the Jewels for NOT MAD, summed up the experience of listening to RTJ2 in one question: “You may ask yourself… am I being enlightened or verbally assaulted?” Considering this is the most-lauded rap release of the year and one of the more politically relevant pieces of music in the last few years, I would go with the former (although you’ll find plenty of the latter as well.) – JH


L.A. at night. Questionable morals. Desperation. Kick. Gyllenhaal losing a ton of weight and going full manic savant/societal outcast on us. Watch this movie. – JH

IDFWU” – Big Sean feat. E-40 

Seeing DJ Mustard and Kanye (who already have “Sanctified” under their belts together) teaming up with DJ Dahi (“Money Trees,” “Worst Behavior“) made my eyes pop on first glance, and then I heard the song and realized it totally lived up to they hype. Big Sean sounds like a shrimpy kid singing at his Bar Mitzvah at times but it’s okay because yelling this song as loud as possible is probably the most gratifying thing Rio and I did in 2014. Oh and then there’s E-40. – JH

E-40 commentating in the”IDFWU” video 

The slipperiest rapper of all time slides his way into the IDFWU video as the football commentator, maintaining perfection, per usual. – RVN

Cadillactica – Big K.R.I.T.

I just love Krit. Yes, as everyone has said, he’s this super-Southern combo of UGK, OutKast, 8-Ball & MJG and Three 6, but he’s also quietly evolved into a thinker, a feeler, a shit-talker and a hell of a producer. For me, this was the best rap release of the year and a further affirmation that this dude is going nowhere. – JH

Down on My Luck” – Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa got on some Disclosure shit and switched his sound up a little, singing about superficiality and isolation in a way that still makes you feel like you just popped a Quaalude in Miami. – JH

Nicki Minaj’s BET Awards speech

 In 3 minutes and 58 seconds, Nicki Minaj somehow covers a range of topics from Iggy Azalea’s inability to write her own lyrics (not directly stated, but certainly implied) to female roles in hip hop to Wayne’s influence in the studio. Sporting a more natural look than usual, Nicki speaks calmly, managing to make you feel like you’re sitting in a room with just her and Wayne. – RVN

Salad Days – Mac DeMarco

There’s a lot to like about Mac Demarco: he’s funny, he’s charming, he always hashtags #ihaveatinypenis on his instagrams. Salad Days is just another reason to like him, or if you don’t like him, at least to give him a try. -RVN

2 On” – Tinashe feat. ScHoolboy Q

First off I just have to say that Tinashe can get it. Besides that, this song killed it this summer and stood out despite being a DJ Mustard-produced single in a year full of them. – JH

Lupita Nyong’o stunting on everyone at the Oscars in that Prada dress 

Not only did she win the Oscar for best actress, she did it looking better than every person in the audience in couture Prada. – RVN











i’m in me mum’s car

It took me a while to decipher whether the “Im in me mums car” vines where depressing or not. After following the star Tish Simmonds on twitter and seeing the vine’s collaboration with Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” I decided it was just funny. -RVN

“Try Me” – Dej Loaf

The song that sounded the weirdest at first but sparked the most anticipated followup of 2014 -RVN

Ciliva Demo – Isaiah Rashad

Everyone just needs to admit that Ciliva Demo was the best TDE release of the year, easily beating more-hyped projects by ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, and the best part is that I don’t think anyone saw it coming. I really think that this album was Rashad’s Section 80, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. – JH

Or Nah (Remix)” – Ty Dolla $ign feat. Wiz Khalifa & The Weeknd

The Weeknd is so disgusting in this song it almost ruins the whole thing, but at least he sounds like he’s on some House of Balloons shit. This is also the grimiest Mustard beat I’ve ever heard (especially with those Trillville squeaks) and Ty does his usual harmonizing thing. – JH

“You Guessed It” – OG Maco

I really hope I never meet this dude in person. – JH

Honest – Future

Okay, you’re plain foolish if you haven’t listened to this album all the way through yet. Not that I’m condoning Wayne’s “beat that pussy up like Emmett Till” line on Karate Chop (remix), but Future undeniably brings auto tuned glory pretty consistently throughout the 18 track memoir. -RVN

Top Five 

Chris Rock gets his Woody Allen on and the results are hysterical, disgusting and career defining. And there’s a DMX cameo so… – JH

Piñata – Madlib & Freddie Gibbs

I love that Freddie Gibbs was just like “bye Jeezy” and got back to this real rap shit that he’s so good at. Pairing one of the best pure lyricists out with one of the best pure beatsmiths can only result in gritty, hard-hitting, Golden Era-esque true ass hip-hop. – JH

OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)” – Que feat. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T & A$AP Ferg

I wonder if producer Bobby Johnson wakes up everyday grateful that his name makes up one of the hottest hooks in hip hop this year.  Also let us not forget Snoop’s cameo with the verse that starts with “Jumped out of bed with a bitch/ Right hand on my heat, left hand on my dick” -RVN

2014 Forest Hills Drive – J Cole

Cole world now has three number one albums to his name, and this last one is especially impressive considering it was announced a week before the release, was preceded by zero singles and featured zero guests. Keep killing it, Cole. – JH

YEET memes 

Just watch the video below..too important to explain myself. – RVN


When I heard TDE signed a beautiful R&B singer with a Wu-Tang inspired name, I was intrigued, but it took me finally hearing Z to understand the hype. She’s silky Marvin Gaye soul and dismal chillwave mixed with a deliberately 1960s psychedelic punch, and I kind of want to marry her. – JH