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Not Mad

Reese is Ready to Take On the Universe

By Leo Abbe

Since he started staying with us, we've found out that in addition to being a rapper, Reese is also a massive homie. So we let him crash on the couch while he visited LA and met with record companies. And as compensation, Reese sat down for an interview to discuss his Gucci Mane-approved name, his past life as a skateboarder and his beef with Lil Uzi Vert.

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Swing Batter: Steroids and the Nostalgic Glory of Backyard Baseball

by Ike Rofe

For me, baseball’s doping era is intertwined with a certain video game. That’s because Backyard Baseball--equipped with screamin’ line drives, fireballs and an almost-too-apropo juice meter--is a product of baseball’s steroid era. So, despite recent efforts to “Make Baseball Fun Again,” the MLB will always remind me of my childhood in the same way that I look back on Flubber and Holes. I won’t watch Phillip Brainaird or read about Stanley Yelnats any time soon, but I will always welcome the occasional blast from the past. Please, never forget that Mikey Thomas has a perpetual cough. Or that Tony Delvecchio always sucks on a lollipop that looks exactly like a spliff. Or that Vinnie The Gooch is the best color commentator this side of John Gruden. Because if we forget these things, if we stop eating our Member Berries, we lose out on the formative content that raised and shaped a generation.

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The Third Annual Not Mad Big List of Shit

by Not Mad, Photo by

If you've read our first two lists, you'll know that there is absolutely no method to our madness: the List is simply a bunch of shit that we loved and freaked out about this year, in no understandable order, and most likely will not resemble any end-of-the-year recap you've already read. Each year the List gets bigger, and this year is no different. In addition to Rio and myself, 13 Not Mad contributors provided their takes on the happenings of this wild year. So as we turn the corner into 2017, escape your family function, pour one out for Prince and dive into The Third Annual Big List of Shit.

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